The Curse of Monkey Island CE


The "demake" of the third instalment of the Monkey Island saga


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A 'demake' is doing exactly the opposite of a 'remake', i.e. giving a new game the appearance of an old one. And that's exactly what this project does with The Curse of Monkey Island, it gives it the appearance of the first game from the series.

This way you can enjoy one of the best adventure games of the late nineties, with the look of a video game from the early nineties.

This means that instead of getting graphics that are closer to cartoons than pixels, you will see the classic pixelated models which Lucas Arts used to enthral a whole generation of gamers.

Graphics aside, this Curse of Monkey Island Classic Edition is identical to the original game: same dialogues, same puzzles and same situations. That is, a great game for the most nostalgic among you.

You can only play the introduction as the rest is incomplete.

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